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I like the idea of spreading Love and Kindness through our music; maybe we can make that cool again!

~ Dusty Corbin

Guitar, Vocals, Congas, Bass, Piano, Drums & MandolinShannon Blue

Straight out of Maryland, Shannon is part of a lineage of true musicians. Surrounded by music all his life, Shannon started playing with his mother’s covers band before forming his own projects. Shannon lives and breathes music; constantly writing poetry, short stories and songs, he says he’ll play and perform until he can’t lift his guitar. That’s true artistry. With BlueNevada he carries the flame of a family tradition, along with Dusty, taking on guitars, vocals ,congas and more. Shannon’s passionate about all things creative, dabbling in the visual arts and balancing all of this with a wonderful partner and daughter. Shannon’s been at the mic for years and has no intention of stepping down anytime soon.


Guitar, Piano & Vocals Dusty Nevada

Born and raised in Maryland, Dusty has music running through his veins. A fourth generation musician, surrounded by guitar playing and singing family members, things were only gonna go one way. A multi-instrumentalist, he takes on guitars and keys in BlueNevada as well as vocals. The younger brother of fellow frontman, Shannon, the boys have that magical connection that only family bands can muster. BlueNevada is the real deal and Dusty is a key component. Rock through and though, he continues the family tradition with BlueNevada.


BassAlex Hess

Born in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, Alex has spent most of their life in Boonsboro, Maryland. First taking up the cello at 12 years old, the bass soon followed; we all know it’s a slippery slope from there. With headphones full of The Beatles and Yes, Alex set about mastering classic rock riffs and rundowns. Alex met Shannon and Dusty in 2015 and struck an instant rapport with the songwriters. Alex has been laying down the bass lines and contributing sweet harmonies ever since. Splitting their time between BlueNevada, FMBuller as well as passions for gaming, cooking and good old fashioned chillin’, Alex has got it all going on.


Back up vocalist Autumn Jade

Born in Taylorville, Illinois, Autumn Jade is a singer/songwriter taking on backing vocal duties for BlueNevada. Playing and writing since she was a teenager, music is an absolute passion for Autumn Jade. She loves art and all things creative and also loves to be immersed in anime and cartoons. Bringing a high soprano vocal to the group dynamic, she blends beautifully with BlueNevada and helps shape their signature sound.


Back up vocalist Hannah Hess

Born in Frederick and based out of Boonsboro, Hannah started playing piano at 13 years old. They met Alex in 2016, along with the rest of the BlueNevada gang. They all clicked instantly. With a busy, creative life studying special effects makeup, Hannah finally joined the band in 2020 offering sweet harmonies and backing vocals. Inspired by a broad spectrum of music, Hannah lists Mother Mother, Operation Ivy and various exponents of alt-rock as current influences.

Blue NevadaOur Bio

BlueNevada is a band based out of Frederick, Maryland, formed by third-generation musicians and songwriter brothers, Dusty and Shannon. These boys have music running through their veins and they’ve crafted an original sound that gets right to the heart of everything we love about rock. Growing up immersed in everything from the addictive sounds of classic Beatles to the funked up riffs of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, on a twisted track that took them through punk rock, hip hip, reggae and jambands like Grateful Dead, Jimmy Hendrix and Pink Floyd, Shannon and Dusty really know their stuff. They’ve emerged on the other side with a songbook of their own that fuses all the warmth, fun and grit of great bluesy rock with their own hooks, tales and influences. It’s a potent mix. BlueNevada will release their new EP “Moonlight Melon” on all platforms Friday March 24, 2023 and their first Official Music Video Friday April 21, 2023. Dusty and Shannon are joined by Alex Hess (bass, vocals), Mike Dardaris (drums), Hannah Hess (vocals) and Autumn Jade Skitzy (vocals).  This band is an amulet for people that love bands, they have a sound you can always enjoy. The group has beaten a path up and down the East Coast, from bars to festival stages and everything in between. Slow rocking grooves, electrifying jams, big guitar riffs, blues breakdowns, wild drum breaks and big vocal movements all come together here to create something magical. It’s like their tagline says: “Music is the Guide”.

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