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BlueNevada is a band that gets a crowd bouncing, feet stomping and heads nodding to irresistible classic rock sounds with a contemporary twist. Settle in, because these jam sessions can go all night long.

Based out of Frederick, Maryland, BlueNevada was formed by third-generation musicians and songwriter brothers, Dusty and Shannon. These boys have music running through their veins and they’ve crafted an original sound that gets right to the heart of everything we love about rock.

BlueNevada is ready to roll in 2021. With a new EP available soon, the band is ready to rock dance floors across the country. Dusty and Shannon are joined by Alex Hess, Hannah Hess and Autumn Jade for those beautiful harmonies and big vocal moments. Let BlueNevada take you by the scruff of the neck and teach you how to really rock. After all, it’s what they do best!


Playlist from our New EP

Girl from Carolina

How Do you Feel

Music Ride Slide


Moonlight Melon



“BlueNevada at their best -classic, feel-good solos, splashy rhythm and a vibe that’s relentlessly upbeat”.
– Frederick Post

“BlueNevada, a hippie quartet that easily passes my Strunk and White litmus test. Billed as original rock ‘n’ roll psychedelia… original yet recognizable, they flow between strains of rock, hard-driving funk, even shades of metal”.
– Dickson Mercer, Frederick Post

“The rhythm section strikes a balance between being very intricate but also laid back. The guitar riffs are also very meticulous and complement the more sedulous and melodic vocals”.
– Phil DiMercurio, Interview by Michael Tucker, Hub City Post

BlueNevada at their best — classic, feel-good solos, splashy rhythm and a vibe that’s relentlessly upbeat

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